08th July 2021

10 Questions with – Darren Clark

Darren Clark

Answering the questions this time is our U9s Blue coach, Darren.

Some good answers here but the joke is still lame!! (note to self: make sure jokes are good before publishing!)

Q1). How long have you been coaching for?

A = About 3 years, when the U7 Rangers (as we were known then) were formed.

Q2). What made you start coaching?

A = The wife and a desire not to pay monthly fees, all the right reasons. In truth, the Rangers needed coaches, so I thought why not.

Q3). How do you prepare for match day?

A = The first thing I do is swap knowledge with a coach I know from another club in our league, on our respective opposition. Which I then normally forget until the tall kid I was warned about, scores a 20-yard worldy.

We have two training session a week, the first tends to be a lessons learnt from the previous match and the second, whatever we feel the kids would get the most benefit from, normally building on what they have been training over past few weeks or a new tactic we want them to try in the next match.

Matchday, I often don’t eat before the game, but I drink a gallon of coffee, which I’m sure does wonders for my nerves.

Q4). What team do you support?

A = Man Utd, sucker for punishment that I am. I am also looking forward to dragging the family back to watch Supermarine.

Q5). Favourite player and why (past or present)?

A = Can I have two, Eric Cantona, for his flair and self-belief, and Chris Kamara, just for being himself, both absolute legends.

Q6). Best drill to do in training?

A = No one particular drill, I personally find anything taught in training that the kids go on to demonstrate in matches makes me happy, even something as simple as stopping performing throw-ins like they’re playing Netball.

Q7). Messi or Ronaldo?

A = Ronaldo

Q8). If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

A = J K Rowling, what a talented author, I just want to experience how that mind works. Baring that, anyone that can fix a Dyson, save me a couple of hundred quid on a new one.

Q9). Best thing about FC Abbey Meads is…..

A = Most important for me is that it is something Nate and I do together, and that we are both passionate about, common ground between shouty YouTubers and Roblox. Most of the boys in Nate’s class play for Abbey Meads, which I think is pretty amazing, and the bond that has formed between them, as a result, is one I hope will endure beyond primary school. I also enjoy the camaraderie between the coaches, both within the team and the wider club.

Q10). Tell us your best joke 🙂

A = Nate brought this one home from school:

– What do you call a sad coffee?

– A depresso!