24th December 2020

10 Questions with – James Glock

james glock u14 purple manager

Next to face the questions is James Glock, our U14 Purple manager. James has been coaching for a few years now, initially as a mens football coach. He joined FC Abbey Meads 6 years ago.

We asked James to the answer the same set of questions, answers below. Quality of the jokes is still poor though 😂

Q1). How long have you been coaching for?

A =  I was coaching men’s football as well as playing for 3 years then stopped playing myself and have been with Abbey Meads another 3 years so 6 altogether.

Q2). What made you start coaching?

A = When I stopped playing I still wanted to be involved in football. so through a family member, agreed to coach the team and not looked back. Its been an emotional rollercoaster but wouldn’t change it. Some of my proudest moments have been through coaching my team now. The parents of the kids I coach are awesome. (They need a shout out). 

Q3). How do you prepare for match day?

A = No sleep through thinking about football the night before and loads of coffee! Hip hop or rap music in the car on the way to the game to pump me up! Pre game i like to be early make sure the boys get a feel for the conditions. Discuss what to put right from the previous game!

Q4). What team do you support?

A = Swindon Town! Watching since a boy!. (Man United premier league club).

Q5). Favourite player and why (past or present)?

A = Cristiano Ronaldo, a true role model on how to make it to the top through training and dedication to the game! Always thinks he can improve no matter how good everyone thinks he is. Played in 4 different leagues won trophies with every team. Scores goals for fun, also winning at international level. 

Q6). Best drill to do in training?

A = Best drill at the moment is a 4 defenders vs 4 attackers game like situation from a corner or free kick. Could score so many more goals but hesitation stops that. I’ve done it 10 mins at least every session for a month, but we’ve improved.

Q7). Messi or Ronaldo?

A = I think question 5 gives that away. RONALDO!

Q8). If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

A = Probably Lewis Hamilton, uses his platform well as a role model and equality in sport. would love to be able to fly around a race track at 200 mph also!

Q9). Best thing about FC Abbey Meads is…..

A = Best thing about Abbey Meads is I’ve never gone without. I’ve always been given new equipment, match balls and training balls when needed. There’s always someone on hand to help you out, with stats, kit, or anything really. Just makes the coaching side of things a lot easier. The coaches, parents and kids, we all appreciate it. 

Q10). Tell us your best joke 🙂

A = And God said to John, “come forth and you shall be granted eternal life”…. but John came fifth and won a toaster!