31st March 2021

10 Questions with – Lisa Smith

Answering the questions this time is our assistant club secretary, fixtures secretary, coach and everything else in between, Lisa!

A very interesting match day ritual and a very ‘cheesy’ joke (pardon the pun!).

Q1). How long have you been coaching for?

A = Nearly 3 years Started with U7’s who are now U9’s

Q2). What made you start coaching?

A = I think like most of us, our children, the coach at the time needed some help. I offered and got hooked. 

Q3). How do you prepare for match day?

A = It probably starts on the Monday before, thinking about the previous match and what to work on in training.

Match day morning, I follow an old tradition of mine when I use to compete (all be it a completely different sport)
Boiled eggs and toast, helps control the nerves 😳 (trust me try it!)

Q4). What team do you support?

A = All of the FC Abbey Meads teams of course! I love hearing from all the coaches on a Sunday evening about how their matches went.

Q5). Favourite player and why (past or present)?

A = Nemanja Vidić, Man Utd

Q6). Best drill to do in training?

A = One touch diamond passing. Although my team will tell you it’s a game called “soak the coach” – if you haven’t seen the video, look it up, I think all teams should play it in the summer!

Editor: video is here if you want to watch it >>>

Q7). Messi or Ronaldo?

A = Ronaldo

Q8). If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

A = The Queen! Who wouldn’t want to be the head of state! Plus the dresses and jewellery would be nice 😉

Q9). Best thing about FC Abbey Meads is…..

A = only 1? It has to be the team spirit across our coaches, I love how they all pull together and are there to offer a helping hand if anyone needs advice or help.

Q10). Tell us your best joke 🙂

A = I love cheese jokes, but this is my all time favourite….

How did the cheese paint his wife?

He double Gloucester 🧀