12th September 2020

10 Questions with – Simon Cowley

simon cowley fc abbey meads coach

In the first of our new series, 10 Questions With, we stop Simon Cowley who is hard at work putting the U12 Blues squad through their paces. Our coaches are all volunteers and help provide the safe and fun environment for all our boys and girls to enjoy football. We asked Simon to answer 10 quick questions, his answers are below (his jokes are rubbish 😂 )

Q1). How long have you been coaching for?

A = I have been coaching for almost 7 years now

Q2). What made you start coaching?

A = I started coaching at Highworth helping out for my oldest sons team

Q3). How do you prepare for match day?

A = God how do I prepare for match days…. a lot of calming thoughts as I know as soon as the game starts they won’t be calm thoughts for much longer!

Q4). What team do you support?

A = Man Utd (but really Abbey  Meads U12 Blues!)

Q5). Favourite player and why (past or present)?

A = Wow hard to choose I would have to say Rooney because of his passion and desire to win

Q6). Best drill to do in training?

A = Noughts and crosses with bibs and balls

Q7). Messi or Ronaldo?

A = As a United fan I have always loved Ronaldo, in fact my wife and sons have always called him Daddy’s boyfriend 😂

Q8). If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

A = I would be Sir Alex Ferguson just to be able to meet the whole United team and learn from them

Q9). Best thing about FC Abbey Meads is…..

A = The best thing about Abbey Meads is the dedication of the committee always there to answer questions and help out

Q10). Tell us your best joke 🙂

A = How do you make a sausage roll…. push it down a hill 😂