10th September 2020

2019/20 – End of one season, beginning of a new one

Peter Beasley - Club Chairman

With the new season upon us, I know I have spent time reflecting on the previous season, or what we had of it and many of you have done the same too.

It has been a season to remember for some and a season to forget for others. It has been a difficult few months for many with the lockdown that was in place and is in place for some still. Many of us have been affected by the coronavirus either directly or through family and friends. With the light now seemingly at the end of the tunnel after this difficult period, the committee have worked hard to enable the club to continue to function, re-enable us to play again following the government and FA guidance and continue our growth across all ages we provide football for.

I’d like to pay tribute to our committee as a whole who have swiftly dealt with obstacles we have faced from the resumption of football to finding winter training venues for everyone to be able to use when demand is ever more and venues restriced due to COVID-19.

As a club I believe we are ready for the season ahead and we can continue to flourish and provide high quality coaching in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment where young people can continue to grow physically and mentally in a positive environment. I’d like to thank our members for which we couldn’t do what we do without your support.

I look forward to seeing you all back out over the weekends with smiles on faces very soon and wish all of players the very best of luck in the games that are ahead of you, do your best and most importantly, have fun!

Here’s to the new season 🙂

Peter Beasley