19th July 2020

Return to Football – Statement

To all the coaches and members of FC Abbey meads,

We welcome the announcement from the FA today and have taken in the information and guidance shared.

In response to this we have created an updated COVID-19 risk assessment which includes the main parts of the FA statement. Please read and understand this.

It is important now more than ever that we continue filling out the “Training Consent Forms”  no more than 24 hours before training begins. We do collate this information and if required we will work with NHS track & trace in the unfortunate event someone has contracted COVID-19, we can then let them know who has been in close proximity to them in recent days.

In regards to group size, you have a maximum of 30 including coaches which shouldn’t be an issue for us, but do be aware this covers matches you play or friendlies. Equipment cleaning is important too, in breaks of play we ask you sanitise hands and clean the ball as the safety of everyone is of paramount importance.

Attached in the links are the FA COVID-19 Safeguarding annex and COVID-19 Behaviour policy. Please become familiar with these practices as they are important.

Restarting Grassroots Football Guidance >

COVID-19 Update Risk assessment V1.1 (Return to Football)

With goals at the club, we will permit the use of them from the container, keys will be issued shortly to gain access. If you ‘need’ to use them for training or a friendly you will need to fill out the sign in/ sign out sheet and clean the goals before and after use and certifying that. We would ask teams use goals from the container no more than 2 times in a calendar month. You will also have disposable gloves for coaches to handle the goals with.

From the club committee, thank you for your continued co-operation during these unprecedented times. By following these rules we are helping combat COVID-19 and keep everyone in our club safe.

Peter Beasley (Club Chairman)

On behalf of the FC Abbey Meads Committee